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Away Uniform

Instead of simply reversing colors, the white road uniform set provides an altogether unique look. One of the most notable is the red shoulder yoke which extends onto the back. The Hurricanes will be the only team in the NHL with the nameplate resting inside the shoulder yoke. The uniform features black numbers with a silver outline and also has bold striping on the arms and base to further establish the traditional look and provide a unique compliment to the revised red uniform.

The letters and numbering for both uniforms have been updated to a clean, sans-serif font that will remain current over the upcoming years. Shoulder patches have been removed to continue the simplicity and timelessness found throughout elements of both sweaters.

The uniforms also have a surprise in store. Using what Reebok refers to as a “hanger effect”, the warning flag pattern once adorning the base of the jerseys lives on in the neckline of the new designs.
Looking beyond the sweater, tweaks were also in order for the pants and gloves. The pants have been simplified to be solid red, with only an NHL shield on the back-right leg and the manufacturer name in white on the front-left. Coupled with the revised gloves which are red with only small white highlights, the uniforms promise to make a bold statement on the ice.

Away Uniform Details
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