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Reebok Edge System

Innovation in the Sport

Advanced materials, ergonomic design and protective innovations are developed to increase player performance.

Smooth Fit

Areas of Improvement:
  • Increased range of motion
  • Ability to control the entire printing and cutting process
  • Significant weight reduction compared to standard two-layer twill

Advanced Cresting

For both the red and white jerseys, the front crest is made of Reebok’s Advanced Cresting which weighs less while also improving the ability to wick away moisture. The crest has been reduced in size approximately 15% and is designed to flex with the player, decreasing the amount of binding that occurs across the chest. The metallic silver outline of the previous crest has been refined to a matte finish.

The new crest technique helps in the following areas:
  • Crest treated with water-repellent finish
  • Selected crests could have weight reduction in the area of 30 percent
  • Same durability and aesthetics