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What are the top three things on your bucket list?
Skydiving, going to Cedar Point, living life to the fullest.

What is the wallpaper on your cell phone?
I don’t have any wallpaper since I would not be able to see the screen underneath.

Where is your favorite hangout in Raleigh?
I like to go to the airport indoor observation area and relax.

What is your favorite app on your phone or iPod?

If you could be any animal, what would you want to be and why?
A polar bear because I like the cold, and I like to eat fish.

Who was your favorite musical artist when you were in the 5th grade?
Michael Jackson.

If you could sit on the front row at any concert, whose concert would you want to see?
Lionel Richie.    

When did you go to your first NHL hockey game?

Which celebrity do people most often say you resemble?
Growing up it was Gary Coleman. Now it is Ruben Studdard.

What is your dream job, other than being a member of the Storm Squad?
Owning my own daycare.

If you could name yourself, what would you like to be called?
Big Daddy.

What is the strangest thing in your refrigerator right now?
A Blow Pop.

In your opinion, what is the best kept secret in Raleigh?
$10.00 tickets to Carolina Hurricanes games which are available for every game of the season.

If you could write a mission statement for your life, what would it say?
My mission is to leave people, places and things better than when you found them, to help those that you can and to pray for those that you can’t.

What is your weirdest or most unique talent?
I can cry on command.

Where are you from?
Dallas, Texas.

Where is your favorite place to shop? and Target.

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you as a member of the Storm Squad?
I don’t really get embarrassed, but once I pulled another Storm Squad member down on the ice while shooting t-shirts.

What is the best thing you ever won at the fair?
Big Stuffed Mr. Wuf.

What is your favorite flavor of cupcake?
Vanilla with strawberry mousse with butter cream icing.

What is your least favorite movie?
Any Star Wars movie.

Pawn Stars or Storage Wars?
Pawn Stars.