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Cup of Awesome by Paul Friedrich

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Paul Friedrich
Known for his humorous paintings with characteristic bold colors and lines based on his Eisner Award-nominated graphic novel "Onion Head Monster," Paul Friedrich is considered one of the artists and writers in the forefront of the LowDefPop art movement. 

Paul is the co-founder of the SparkCon conference, the South's pre-eminent conference on creativity, member of the award winning DesignBox, created the graffiti mural at  Marbles Kids Museum and has been selected each year for the CAT Bus Art-on-the-Move project, editor of HellCar Magazine,  two-time champion of the Xtreme Suburban Endurance Event, as well as author/illustrator of several books, including "Lions!," "Don't Trust Evil Knievel," and "The Wolf Who Cried Boy." In 2009 Paul became the National Hockey Leagues first ever pop-cartoonist with the launch of Stormy the Pig's CUP OF AWESOME comic strip.

Click here for 2010-11's Cup of Awesome series.
Click here for 2009-10's Cup of Awesome series.

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