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Hurricanes U Testimonials - Spring 2009 Graduate Course

“Once again, the Hurricanes organization has presented Canes fans with a unique, quality experience. Being able to listen to and ask questions of management (VP & Asst General Manager, Jason Karmanos) in the classroom setting was both fun and enlightening.  Meeting with Jason Bailey (Assoc. Athletic Therapist) and getting a more complete tour of the locker room provided a clearer picture of “A day in the life of a Canes player”.  Getting on the ice and being instructed by coaches, a player, and a TV Analyst was a blast!  I would recommend this course, as well as Hockey 101 to anyone who wants to learn more about hockey and the Hurricanes and anyone who just wants to have a great time.” - Carol B.

“I have been a Canes season ticket holder since 1999.  When my family signed me up for Hurricanes U grad school I was not sure what to expect.  It was a great experience!  We got to speak with Jason Karmanos about his job as asst GM – trades, development of players, the draft and other issues.  We got a behind the scenes tour of the RBC center, press box, locker rooms and training room.  We even got to sound the goal horn! I am a poor skater but still had a great time on the ice going through a mock practice with one of the Hurricanes joining us.  I would recommend this to any Hurricane fan, no matter what your level of hockey knowledge or skating ability.  Even non skaters had fun on the ice.  This is a great way to enhance your Caniac experience and a great gift for your favorite Hurricanes fan.” - Steve B.

“We returned after taking 101 last semester. We loved it! As always, the Canes organization does everything first class! Getting the chance to go one on one with Mr. Karmanos and later with Tripp was very special. The tour of the press box and the chance to blow the goal horn was a thrill we’ll treasure for a long time to come. Needless to say, the ice time was our favorite. The soreness and bruises are just a fond, distant, memory!

We’ve been singing the praises to friends and family since we graduated. I expect my son (a huge Canes fan) and daughter in law will be looking for a Canes U enrollment as a Xmas/Anniversary gift.

Thanks again to all of you! You really do a great job with this. I just can’t imagine another club giving their fans this type of access!” - George D & Julieanne E.

“Hurricanes-U graduate course is great! I am not the traditional die-hard Canes fan that knows everything about the team and hockey, but I never felt out of place in the sessions with everyone else. We had a few very special guests during our sessions that went above and beyond to answer all of our questions. They also made our time on the ice unforgettable! I would like to thank the staff (including interns) for all of their hard work and patience for organizing this program!” - Stephanie J.

“Hurricanes U was a great experience and I highly recommend it to all Caniacs!  From the fascinating classroom sessions with people like Chuck Kaiton and Jason Karmanos, to behind-the-scenes tours of the locker room and press box, to skating with a member of the team, it was a fantastic experience!   Whether you’re a new fan or someone who has been around hockey all your life, you will enjoy and learn something from these courses! “ - Mark and Sue R.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Hockey University!  I learned a lot, had fun, and got to see things, do things, go places, and meet people that I would never have had the opportunity to any other way.  I highly recommend this to any Hurricanes Super Fan!” Many, many thanks to all of the Hurricanes Promotions staff and everyone that participated in making our class a great one!!!!” -
Trevor S.