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Hurricanes U Testimonials - Winter 2009

I cannot say enough about how great this class was. It was not a museum – all show and no touch. It was interactive and hands on from the get go. Access to all things Hurricanes was outstanding from players to coaches to broadcasters. No one ever made us feel like we were on the outside looking in. No members of the Hurricanes staff ever made me feel like they were annoyed or were forced to do this. Any and all questions were answered to the best of their ability. We were made to feel like we were part of the team and were respected no matter our knowledge, skills or abilities. I highly recommend this program to anyone, regardless if you think you know everything about Hurricanes hockey or nothing about Hurricanes hockey.
­-Greg B.

Hurricanes University was the best Christmas Gift I received! I am 11 years old and I will always remember skating on the smoothest ice ever and scoring on Stormy.
-Daniel B.

After Hurricanes U I now feel that I am getting so much more out a game. I understand more about what the players are trying to accomplish and why they do some of the things they do. I feel that I am a more informed Caniac. I would recommend this program to the fan that is growing into the sport and anyone who wants to have a great hockey experience.
-Susan C.

Thank you for offering Canes fans a wonderful opportunity to experience what it is like to be a Hurricane. Every aspect of the program provided a different insight into the life of the players and the game of hockey. I came away with a deeper understanding of the game and respect for the hard effort that goes in to each and every game both on ice and off. The on-ice/classroom time with the coaches, players, and personalities (Tripp, Kaiton, Ron the Ref and Stormy) was insightful and fun. Best of all though, was the feeling of awe I still feel having had the chance to visit and learn in the Canes locker room then lace up and step onto the ice.
-Gavin D.

This degree was well worth the cost – it was my best Christmas present! Thanks so much to the staff for putting it together!
-Jan D.

Hurricanes U not only answered my questions, it was a unique opportunity for access to the inside workings of a truly “major league” national sport and team. The information was abundant, clear, and fun – presented in enough different formats that I could not just “hear” it but internalize it as my own and take it forward into a truly enhanced appreciation for the game and for my own Carolina Hurricanes.
-Lisa H.

I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is new to hockey or just needs a little refresher regarding the rules and regulations. The whole experience was eye opening and enjoyable, from being allowed to see the locker room, meeting key contributors to the organization (Assistant Coaches, Players, Staffers), and having the thrill of skating out on the ice from the Canes vantage point. It made me feel very proud and more a part of the Canes organization as a whole. I got a true sense that my contribution as a fan, above and beyond buying tickets and cheering the team on, was just as important to the Canes overall morale and success, regardless of wins or loses. Thanks to Fan Development for providing the experience and giving us a chance to learn and become even bigger fans.
-Carol I.

It is totally worth the price, considering you get tickets to a game in lower level, on-ice instruction on the best ice in the Triangle, a more comprehensive tour than available through other Caniac events, a meal and snacks, random goodies, and access to several professionals in the coaching and broadcasting departments as well as a team member! I’ve been a fan for about 10 years and learned a lot – learned to appreciate hockey and the players and coaches on a whole new level. However, I think the program would be beneficial and enjoyable to new fans and die hard hockey nuts alike. The “faculty” were always willing to answer any random question, from the silly to the esoteric. I should have done this long ago, and I plan on attending Hurricanes U grad school as soon as I get the opportunity.
-Margie M.

I thought Hurricanes U was only for the hockey novice, boy was I was wrong. If you love hockey and you love the Hurricanes, this is a must!! Skating on the ice with a Hurricanes player and Hurricanes coaching staff, video session with the Hurricanes video coordinator extraordinaire and a Q&A session with Hall of Fame radio broadcaster, Chuck Kaiton – what more could you ask for??!!
-Joanne N.