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Hurricanes U Testimonials - Fall 2008

Hurricanes U - What a great program! It really brings home how skilled the players are and how much work goes into getting the team ready to play every game. I enjoyed every minute of the experience and left wanting to learn more about the game.
–Carol B.

I have been coming to games for many years and never really understood the rules of the game. Hurricanes U gave me a thorough overview of the game. Now I understand what’s going on, which makes it that much more enjoyable. Great job Hurricanes U staff for a well organized and informative session. Next step – Graduate U.
-Jobi C.

Canes U., where the fastest, most team oriented, most unusual game comes to life.

Even if you have a fundamental knowledge of the game, being able to see the locker room, be on ice with a coach and a player, participate in drills and skills, take a penalty shot at Stormy (who really tries), get an hour with Ron the Ref (who is a real ref), and then an hour in the locker room with an assistant coach and our video coach for a chalk talk, it just connects the graduate to the game so much more. And if you have only a rudimentary understanding of the game, you will come out with a depth of understanding that will probably amaze even you.

Was it interesting? You bet. Was it fun? More than I’ve had in a number of years. Did I learn something? More than something. Did it make me a better fan? You bet. Was it reasonably priced? After figuring the cost of the game ticket, it was cheap.

Should you attend? You’ll be missing out if you don’t.
Joe G.

Hurricanes U was a great way for me to understand the game of hockey, which I was so lost about! The Carolina Hurricanes make their fans feel as if they are part of the team, and that is what makes their fans so loyal!
-Amy H.

Hurricanes U was a wonderful experience in which I felt I definitely received the true value for my investment. Class and the ice experience were both well thought out and showed great preparation by the Hurricanes staff.
-Speedy A.

I really enjoyed taking to the ice at the RBC Center. Memories from my younger days came flooding back to me!
-Jay K.

Hurricanes U gave me a chance to understand the game and the Hurricanes’ brand of hockey from a whole new perspective. Reviewing game tapes in the locker room with members of the coaching staff is something I will never forget!
-Chris M.

We had a great time, and we’re planning to do the Graduate course ASAP. Every session was very well done. It’s as we have come to expect from the “Canes” organization. With class and style! Being able to skate on the ice with the players and coaches was a thrill we’ll never forget. Stormy escorting Julieanne around the ice was just heartwarming. He could tell I had no ice legs and she was in peril! Is there any wonder why we remain STH’s? Thanks to each of you for the effort you all put into this! Your time is well spent!
-George D., Julianne E.