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Hurricanes U Testimonials

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"We had a great time, and we’re planning to do the Graduate course ASAP. Every session was very well done. It’s as we have come to expect from the “Canes” organization. With class and style! Being able to skate on the ice with the players and coaches was a thrill we’ll never forget. Stormy escorting Julieanne around the ice was just heartwarming. He could tell I had no ice legs and she was in peril!  Is there any wonder why we remain STH’s? Thanks to each of you for the effort you all put into this! Your time is well spent!" -George D., Julianne E. (Fall 2008 Attendee)

"I am continually impressed with the level of access to the players and coaches that the Hurricanes organization provides to the Fans. I have been a season ticket holder for three seasons and had I known how good the Hurricanes U experience would be I would have attended sooner. At $100 it is a great bargain for the true Caniac." - Barry P. (Winter 2006 Attendee)

"As a native North Carolinian, I wanted to learn more about hockey. After attending both undergraduate AND graduate Hurricanes University, I feel like I've been a hockey fan forever. Trust me, the more you learn about hockey, the more you will love it!" -Susan G. (Spring 2006 Attendee)

"The entire experience was worth every penny. It made the game more personable from the players to the coaches and staff. I left feeling like a part of a "big family" with a common interest, the love of hockey. I would do it all over again and again and again…" -Tina W. (Winter 2006 Attendee)

"Whether you're young or old, a brand new fan or a walking hockey encyclopedia, a wall-clinging beginning skater or a seasoned player, a shy retiring type or a blazing extrovert, you're perfect for this course. It's the best investment around for learning and having lots of fun." - Maurice H. (Spring 2006 Attendee)

"I came into this class with a neutral attitude toward hockey. You know: I didn't love it, I didn't hate it, I really didn't know a thing about it. I came out of the class with a definite enthusiasm for the sport! For me, the class was successful not just because of what I learned, but because of who I met. Everyone who represented the Canes-from the promotions folks to the coaches to the player who participated in our on-ice session-was so friendly that it really made attending class a pleasure. And the fact that this course won over my husband (who, decidedly was NOT a hockey fan) is a true testament to the success of the program!" -Kathy W. (Fall 2006 Attendee)

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