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Doris Barksdale

Doris BarksdaleMotivational Consultant / Manager of Community Development

Doris Barksdale is a certified sports counselor in her 18th season with the franchise as the team’s motivational consultant. In her capacity of motivational consultant, Barksdale is available to team members and staff on an individual basis to listen, and counsel, in the areas of career and family. In her community development role, Barksdale identifies organizations that would benefit from a charitable relationship with the Carolina Hurricanes. Barksdale came to North Carolina with a wealth of experience in community relations and personnel development. She is the author of the copyrighted training program, “Circles.”

Barksdale began her community service with the Detroit Board of Education where she served for 10 years as a community/school liaison in Region Two. Barksdale also worked as a program director for Western YMCA Metro Detroit for seven years and is a certified program director. She was employed for two years as a program director for United Community Services of Metropolitan Detroit. She also hosted a daily radio program entitled, “Personally Yours,” on WQBH for 14 years. Doris resides in Raleigh and has two sons, Andre and Robert.